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Masterclass : Layering your curtains like a pro!


Layering curtains has many benefits. It’s an easy decorating hack that can add colour, warmth and depth to your windows. With Autumn well on its way, we thought we’d give you some handy hints on layering like a pro.

Choose the right curtain layers

Combining Sheers and blockout curtains is the most common and practical method for layering curtains. Use double brackets and double curtain rods to layer a sheer curtain under a blackout curtain or another curtain. This technique allows sunlight to shine through while still maintaining privacy.

It is also possible to do this, vice versa, ie. Blockout curtain at the back and sheer in front.

Double brackets are available in a variety of different styles which allow for the combining of tape with tape curtains, tape with eyelets curtains or eyelet with eyelet curtains. 

Choosing the right size and colour curtains

In addition to choosing the best curtaining layers for your home, you’ll need to accurately measure your windows and pick the right-sized ready-made curtains.

The length of your curtains will vary depending on which style you prefer. There are three basic rule-of-thumb lengths:

  • Float: have your curtains ‘float’ right above the floor, less than 2.5cm from the ground.
  • Kiss: Position your curtains so they graze or “kiss” the floor – this will require very precise measuring.
  • Puddle: Use this method for longer, heavier curtains or light-weight sheers that can flare out, or “puddle” on the floor – this is most suited for more formal rooms using high-quality fabrics and drapery.
Curtain colours can either compliment or contrast the look and feel of your interior space. If you want your curtains to blend in the room, pick a colour that is compatible with your furniture. If you want to make your curtains a focal point, choose a colour that contrasts with your walls – but most importantly, choose a colour and a pattern that you truly love!

How to layer curtains

Great news is, the hardest part is picking the style, size and colour of your curtains. Next, you’ll learn how to layer curtains in three easy steps, and even add extra finishing touches to complete the look.

Step 1: Install the hardware

Make sure to select a double curtain rod or track bracket and the right length rod or track based on the style you’ve chosen and the length of your window. If you are using rods that exceed 1.2 m, you’ll want to  consider installing a center support bracket to reinforce the rods and prevent heavier curtains from sagging.

Step 2 : Layer Curtains

Next, assemble your base layer. As mentioned above, the base could be a sheer or a blockout . Then hang your second, outer layer. It will look something like this.


Step 3 : Add Finishing Touches

Attach decorative finials to the ends of your curtain rods. Finials aren’t there just to look pretty, they also prevent the curtains from sliding off the end of the rod. Choose a finial that compliments the curtain rods and the style of your room. You could also add some tiebacks for both decoration and functionality. Secure the tiebacks in the middle of the outer curtain layers. Tiebacks bring the look together and invite even more light into the room.

**The above accessories are not available to purchase online

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