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Master Class : Colour trends for 2022

2022 is in full swing and we would like to share the top curtaining colour trends with you.

The stand out trends for this year are as follows:


This undisputed leader and its varying shades are top of the pops when it comes to colour trends. This colour group fits organically into a variety of style and colour solutions. White curtains can be dense, barely there or completely transparent. These shades transmit natural light well, slightly dimming and diffusing direct light, while still protecting a room from prying eyes.

We highly recommend the following designs from our collection for the White Trend : Aerial Ice, Dusk Coconut and Solarline white

Black & Graphite

When it come to being stylish and bold – black and granite are the colour of choice. Choosing a textured curtain with slight glitter or a jacquard monochrome pattern can be simply spectacular. Some exquisite combination include black with white, black with menthol or any saturated colours that create an accent!

In this category you are spoilt for choice! Willow Silvery, Silhouette Charcoal and our best selling blockout, Midnight Charcoal

Neo-Mint – A Trendy Shade of Green

Used as a stand-alone colour or to complement white (and its shades), this shade of green is very successful in interiors with there is a presence of objects of the same colour in a room. This fresh shade works beautifully with sheer curtains, bedspreads, decorative pillows and many more.

Neo Mint designs include: Aerial Urchin, Seaboard Aqua and the beautiful Muslin Mint

Printed Fabrics

When it comes to prints – the options are endless – geometric patterns, tropical prints, bright green leaves are all spectacular in spacious rooms. Horizontal and vertical stripes are also a hot favourite this year, with Vertical stripes visually lifting the ceiling and horizontal ones expand the interior space. Sheer curtains pair particularly well with a variety of prints! 



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