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Master Class: How to transform your Ready Made Curtains

There's nothing quite like block out lining for screening out unwanted light from a room. Sometimes ready-made curtains can fall short when it comes to blockout & blackout options, however we are going to give you a master class in finding the perfect solution for adding lining to your Curtain Shop taped OR eyelet curtains!

How to Add Blackout to your Eyelet Curtains

Night Time is a woven blackout curtain that can be used as either a stand-alone curtain or as an add-on to your existing ready mades. Black yarn has been woven into the fabric to prevent the majority of light from shining through. The front and the back of the fabric are indentical in colour and the finish is soft, with a silk-like feel, which is why this product is suitable as a stand-alone curtain or as a lining. The eyelet option can be combined with an existing Curtain Shop ready-made on a single rod. 

See below for a step-by-step instruction guide on how it's done.

  *Note that you can only use our blockout eyelet curtain with an eyelet curtain that has a finished width of 230cms, the curtain must have the same number of eyelets as the blackout (which is 14 eyelets per curtain) and the same spacing of the eyelets.


How to add Blockout lining to your Taped Ready-Made Curtains

If you have taped curtains the remedy to unwanted light is just as easy. We've developed the perfect solution for adding 100% blockout lining to your existing taped curtains! It's important to remember that the beauty of our curtains is that they are wider than most ready-made curtains. Our blockout lining is a perfect match, designed with a special tape that fits easily into your existing ready-made curtain. In a few simple steps, you'll have 100% blockout with out having to install a second track, or purchase a new set of curtains. 

See the step-by-step guide below:


When using curtain rings to hang your taped curtain, simply attach the rings on the top side of the tape, while attaching the lining to the bottom of the tape.

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