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Master Class: Everything you ever needed to know about Ready-Made Curtains

Curtains are a great way to update any space. Not only will they add privacy and block out unwanted light, but they can also add warmth and luxury to ayour interior space. We have an extensive range of Ready-Made curtains to provide a quick, easy and affordable way to instantly update your interior. We are here to help you choose the best ready-made product, without going to the additional expense of custom made curtains.

Here's everything you need to know about our fabulous ready-made curtains:

1. When are ready-made curtains an option?

The simple answer is... always!

Getting a professional in and having your curtaining custom made, will give you a professional and unique finish, but it can also be very expensive. 

If you have abnormally high ceilings or uniquely shaped windows, you might have no choice but to go the custom made route, however, if it's a fairly standard height window you have on your hands, ready mades are definately an option for you, and with our stunning range of printed designs, plain sheers, textured stripes and plain textures, there's plenty to choose from.

2. The Measurements

Our curtains all come in two lengths: standard and extra length. An extra length curtain will give you roughly 30cm extra length to work with.

The width of a curtain is slightly more flexible. There is no set calculation when it comes to curtain width, however, we recommend that the hanging curtain is gathered to half of it's width. For example, if a curtain is 280cm wide, once gathered and hung, it should measure 140cm. This means, 2 x 280cm curtains would be sufficient for a 280cm wide curtain track. If you prefer less fullness in the curtain, you can open it up to cover extra width.


1) When working out how many curtains are needed, always measure the curtain track and NOT the inside of the window or door. The track or curtain rod usually has a 15 cm overhang on either side of the wall and is usually positioned 15 cm from the top of the window arch.

2) If you have a standard window height, but an extra-length curtain track, for example an eight metre track, it would be better to have curtains custom-made. However if cost-saving is a priority, ready mades are the option here! The only drawback is that you would then have six individual curtains on the track and not one solid curtain.

3) Ideally, a curtain should sit one centimetre from the floor once hung.

3. Alterations

"Customizing" your Ready-mades can be very tempting, but it's not recommended. Once a ready-made has been altered it is no longer eligible for return in the case of fault. It also takes away from the convenience of the ready to hang curtain option. 

1) Before you start, measure up and select the length best suited for your window (standard or extra length). If you are unsure, remember to chat to us online, so that we can help you make the right choice.

2) If you have an ususally low window, rather hang the curtain rail a little higher on the wall, this is far easier than hemming a standard length curtain. In fact, some interior decorators often prefer to hang curtains well above the window to give the illusion of extra height.

3) If your window height is in between lengths, or if you are serious about elongating the room, you can go for an extra length curtain and hang the rail or track as close to the ceiling as possible. You many need to hem the bottom, but the lengthening effect on the height of you ceiling is a very nice touch. 

4. Tape vs. Eyelets

Most modern homes are fitted with tracks to accommodate taped curtains, buteyelets are becoming increasingly popular. Eyelet are slightly easier to install, no curtain hooks or prongs needed, and the end result tends to be a cleaner, more modern look. Eyelets also allow you to cover more window, as it's not necessary to have them as full as taped curtains. However, if you prefer a fuller look, taped curtains would be your better option. There's no right or wrong here, it's more about finding the curtain that best suits your personal style or space. You might have moved to a rental that already has tape tracks in place, in which case it's more cost-effective and much easier to use what is already available.

Many of our ready-made designs are available in both taped and eyelet options.

5. Lined vs. Unlined

All of our curtains are lined (with the exception of sheer designs such as Aerial and Tranquil), and for us, it's definitely the way to go. With the harsh African sun and weather conditions, we recommend that all curtains are lined to protect the actual curtain against harsh UV rays that can cause fading. This also offers light reduction and privacy.

6. Sheers

We offer a range of beautiful textured plain sheers. Sheers are wonderful for decorative purposes, adding a light and breezy feel or maybe as a way to add some warmth as a layer in front of functional blinds. Some might even run a double curtain track with a sheer behind a curtain to keep closed for extra privacy during the day but enjoy the coverage of a lined curtain when needed. Designs Tranquil and Aerial are our best selling sheer options.

7. Blockout - Calling the darkness

Do you work long, irregular hours or have young children that wake up way too early... then blockout curtains are here to save the day.

Here are some of the core benefits of blockout curtains:

Essentially blockout curtains help to set the right ambience for restful sleep, by blocking out light entering the room. They help filter out excess noise, as they tend to be thicker and heavier. Blockout curtains are also energy saving, as they insulate during the winter months, but keep out the heat of the sun in the summer months. We have five beautiful designs to choose from; Solarline, Dusk, Midnight, Nightime, Twilingt, Sweet Dreams and Slumber.


We hope this guide has got you on the right path to making a more informed decision when selecting your next ready-made curtain! With that in mind, you can shop online, with absolute peace of mind. We also have experienced staff on hand to help you select the right curtain for any area.

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